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Who Is CCL Healthcare?

CCL Healthcare, a division of CCL Label, is focused on producing secondary packaging within cGMP facilities. We pride ourselves in partnering globally with companies of all sizes and manufacturing our products locally to our partners. That is why we have 29 cGMP facilities worldwide and are growing. With over 65 years of printing experience, CCL Healthcare knows quality matters. That is why we have invested heavily into 100% Vision Inspection Systems and deployed the most rigorous Quality Assurance process in the industry. What does this mean for our partners? CCL Healthcare is dedicated to providing our partners with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Our products are designed to increase packaging line throughput, minimize the investment in equipment, and deliver the highest quality products on the market. 

Virtual Auditing Now Available

CCL Healthcare now offers virtual auditing, a safe and secure audit process that will minimize risk during COVID-19. Virtual audit uses a secure web conference, secure file sharing, and a live virtual plant tour.

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Why Partner with CCL Healthcare?

CCL Healthcare partners with companies of all sizes, from startups to well established global organizations. When you partner with CCL Healthcare, you are getting a financially stable and dependable partner that can scale your product line from local or national, to worldwide. Our network of materials, adhesive, technology, and security partners is unmatched in the industry. 

Partnership Advantages:

  • Innovation and Product Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Product Launches
  • Short Run Capabilities
  • High Mix Low Volume Printing
  • Packaging Education Training
  • Diverse Product Lines
  • Single Source Supplier
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Proactive Sustainable Supplier

Sustainable Solutions

CCL’s strategy is to help customers meet their sustainability targets while reducing the planetary impact of our own manufacturing processes, materials and products.

CCL’s sustainable Labels offer a more eco-friendly option for creating great-looking labels for your packaging.

CCL Packaging University has something for everyone, whether you are new to packaging, need a refresher, or just want to stay up to date with current packaging trends and technologies. Packaging University will broaden your knowledge base in the secondary packaging print process and design. Accelerate your career. Enroll Now.

CCL Technology Courses

Securing Your Brand July 15th – 2:00 PM

Digital Printing Solutions August 12th – 2:00 PM 

Agility Through Web-To-Print September 14th – 2:00 PM

Streamlining the Supply Chain October 19th – 2:00 PM

Increasing Patient Outcomes Through Packaging TBA

The Evolving Cold Chain Market On Demand

The Impact of Smart and Connected Product packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry On Demand

Overcoming Clinical Labeling Challenges On Demand  

Connected Packaging For Brand Protection with a Digital E-Fingerprint On Demand  

Speed to Market: Folding Cartons On Demand

Single Unite Doses with RFID On Demand

Cryogenic Labeling On Demand

Sustainable Product Design On Demand


CCL Healthcare has the expertise in printing and packaging to help companies develop and manufacture the highest quality secondary packaging on the market. Our solutions range from expanding the printable surface areas, securing brands, engaging consumers, preventing product tampering, giving clinicians traceability, tracking products through the supply chain, and more.

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Healthcare – Digital Folding Cartons
Digital Folding Cartons

Digital offset quality cartons with reduced lead times at the quantities you need. Cost effectively create prototypes and conduct market tests with variable information.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Specialty Products
Specialty Products

Customer-driven, innovative labels and packaging solutions developed to launch new products and/or address an industry road block.

7 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Expanded Content Booklet Labels
Expanded Content Booklet Labels

Changing regulatory requirements and multilingual information drive the need for expanded content in labels. CCL offers a wide range of constructions created to fit your unique packaging needs.

19 January, 2021 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Printed Literature
Printed Literature

Choose from a wide range of high-capacity folded package inserts, outserts and padded inserts to fit your needs. IFU / DFU booklets can be glued or stitched in a variety of sizes.

11 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

Premium quality printed neck bands, full body sleeves, and security tamper evident sleeves offer key components for promotions, branding and security.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Smart Products
Smart Products

Intelligent labels with enhanced features and functionality to communicate throughout the supply chain and to the end user.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Brand Protection
Brand Protection

CCL Protects! We understand how Brand Protection is critical throughout the global supply chain.

26 April, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels

Versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Flexible Packaging Printing
Flexible Packaging

Medical grade pouches and lids seal products that need protection from contamination, tampering and spoilage.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – On-Pack Promotions
On-Pack Promotions

Drive sales, increase brand loyalty and gain strong returns on promotional investments!

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Tubes

Fully customizable decorative Healthcare tubes utilizing multi-printing applications to achieve superior graphics.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Pharmaceutical – RFID
Pharmaceutical RFID

Pharmaceutical RFID is an integral part of brand protection and track & trace for inventory management, cost management, and patient safety.

28 April, 2017 in  Healthcare

Markets We Proudly Serve

CCL Healthcare is focused on serving the regulated industries and markets that demand packaging with a high level of performance and functionality, while meeting and exceeding the regulatory standard.

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