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Recap: The Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging
The second-course, Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry, revealed the possibilities available through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of traceability through the supply chain, cold chain, and in the fight against counterfeit goods.
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Recap: The Evolving Cold Chain Market Course
The cold chain market is a fast-growing market as there are more vaccines, biosimilars, biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics that are being transported through the supply chain with the possibility of being exposed to unsafe temperatures.
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Affix It: ECLs and A Variety of Other Options
Expanded Content Labels (ECLs) has allowed for all the important content to be presented in a compact way. More convenience is added when the ECL is directly affixed onto the carton. CCL has a new division that specializes in cartons.
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Packaging University Courses you don’t want to miss!
Packaging University has something for everyone, whether you are new to packaging or need a refresher, or just want to stay up-to-date with the latest packaging trends and technologies. Packaging University will broaden your knowledge base in the secondary packaging print process and design. Accelerate your career!
CCL Clinical Systems: The Highest Quality Clinical Labels
Every contract with CCL Clinical Systems is held to the highest standard. This requires thorough inspection throughout the manufacturing process and of the finished products. CCL Clinical Systems adheres to strict guidelines established by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to achieve manufacturing excellence in turn delivering the highest quality products every time.
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Measuring Folding Cartons and Tray Boxes
When requesting a quote for folding cartons, it’s important to be able to provide accurate measurements. The right size ensures that your products fit securely. The flaps must be the right size to ensure that everything closes properly and that the flaps secure the lid from opening. 
CCL 2019 Sustainability Report
Developing a detailed environmental impact assessment for global operations was a priority for CCL Healthcare in 2019 and 2020. In the coming years, there are plans in place to continue to enhance company reporting to ensure full disclosure of material environmental metrics and impacts. Having a robust baseline will allow CCL to set targets and goals on critical environmental impact areas for our company.
CCL Healthcare’s Growing Folding Carton Operation
Graphic West International has integrated into CCL’s Healthcare & Specialty business. GWI is headquartered in Horsholm, Denmark, with manufacturing operations in Nowogard, Poland, and Tyler, Texas. Through this acquisition, CCL Healthcare is growing its product line and expanding its footprint to guarantee its commitment to being partnered globally, printing locally.  CCL Healthcare saw the opportunity to satisfy the need for growing folding carton production by acquiring a well-established folding carton manufacturer, Graphic West
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Labeling Personalized Medicine
Over the last decade, research and development have increased their efforts into personalized medicine. This involves using laboratory diagnostic testing to find cell, gene, and immunotherapy treatments that are tailored to the subject. The latest research and development are making breakthroughs in treating diseases that occur from genetic mutations. It is one of the most effective ways to determine precisely the best treatments for a person’s unique genetic makeup.
The Impact of Smart and Connected Packaging for the Pharma Indus
CCL Packaging University Upcoming Courses
CCL Healthcare, a division of CCL Label, is focused on producing secondary packaging within cGMP facilities. We pride ourselves in partnering globally with companies of all sizes and manufacturing our products locally to our partners.
Pharmaceutical RFID
RFID Inlay Solution
CCL Healthcare continues to innovate in the labeling and packaging industry and exceed our customers needs and expectations. Learn more about how CCL packaging engineers created an RFID solution to help a large pharmaceutical company.
11 Reasons to Use Expanded Content Labels
Learn how more space allows you to enhance copy with graphics, provide better instructions, regulatory information, cross-promotions and more. Read this white paper to learn what a booklet label can do.
CCL Introduces Virtual Auditing
CCL Healthcare is introducing virtual auditing. A thorough audit process that is safe and secure. The reduction in travel and in person contact will minimize risk during COVID-19 and reduce travel costs for our customers.