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On-Pack Promotions

Promotional Labels from CCL Healthcare offer unique added value & sales incentives to product lines. CCL offer premium graphic promotional labels that enhance brand performance.
CCL is an industry-recognized leader in creating successful promotions, interactive games, contests and sweepstakes that spur immediate sales and add an element of fun to your products. We offer a variety of exciting extras such as online games with unique codes, Scratch & Win, secure pouch and more.
Games & Sweepstakes from CCL Healthcare drive immediate sales and add fun to your products.
 Games & Sweepstakes Promotional Products:
  • Scratch & Win labels are constructed is the perfect solution for hiding variable data associated with your game, and can be used as a single hand-out piece or inside other vehicles.
  • Match & Win labels allow consumers to match icons, numbers, and etc. to receive instant prizes, store discounts, fuel points, and countless other rewards.
  • Pull & Win games are the perfect solution for instant win promotions and are fully customizable to fit specific needs.
  • Trio labels are 3-in-1 label that include an instant chance to win (scratch-off), online chance to win (unique code), and an instant redeem coupon (IRC).
  • Red Reveal labels are collectable pieces that consists of colored film that decodes a message online or on the package.
  • Secure Pouch are fun labels that has a secure construction that must be cut open and can deliver games, coupons, and more.
  • Collect & Win games encourages repeat purchases and consumer trial. Also, Collect & Win games are a great way to create extended brand awareness.
CCL Healthcare is an industry recognized leader in creating successful unique promotions. We offer a variety of exciting new elements to your products. Take advantage of our in-house innovation and expertise to gain strong returns on your promotional investments.
Neck Hanger Label Promotions