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Package Enhancements

CCL Label offers many options to enhance your label or package tailored specifically for your brand. Package enhancement allows your product to stand out and get better brand recognition when it is on the shelves with other competitors.
Consumer Engagement
Enhance your brand by increasing consumer engagement with smart labels. Smart labels can provide instruction for use, videos, customer-loyalty programs, coupons, cross-selling initiatives, and more for instant consumer access. Smartphones can scan RFID, NFC, Invisi-link, and 2D barcodes to incorporate web connectivity into smart labels. When smart labels and packages are scanned, a consumer is directed to the product’s website or mobile health application, where a mass of additional information and marketing intelligence can be gathered and stored. Additionally, the 2D bar-codes, invisi-links, and RFID tags can collect marketing intelligence that can be transmitted back to the brand owner in real-time.
CCL provides the metallic enhancement to make your product shine, either with a subtle or high luster finish. Metallic labels can be achieved through metallic substrates, transfer metallized materials or printing technologies. Metallic labels are eye-catching, increase shelf appeal, and brings advantages to products in competitive markets. Upscale the look of your product with metallic colors and metallic vignettes.
Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeve is an “adaptable” and flexible decoration medium for slightly to highly shaped containers made of plastics, glass, and metal. It permits a 360° decoration in brilliant printing quality. The Shrink Sleeve offer filling resistance and flexible adaption for the most difficult shapes. Perfect distortion is guaranteed, even with challenging designs, achieving your optimal brand approach. The Shrink Sleeve is an optimum solution to meet specific & unique requirements of the Healthcare industry.
  • Decoration:
Achieve the highest on-shelf impact for your brand with the optimum solution in visual, sensual and premium decoration.
  • Function
Product tampering and grazing is a real problem that manufacturers and retailers have to prevent. Protect your customers, your brand, and your reputation with tamper evident seals, opening aid or other protective functions. Customized materials and specially designed perforation systems always suit your demands.
  • Promotion
That extra piece of “added value” for your packaging: The Shrink Sleeve is ideal for multipacks and other promotional options such as scratch-off pads, inkjet codings or integrated collectible stickers. The sleeve becomes an integral part of your marketing concept. Versatile possibilities for communicating appealing promotional concepts, right where they belong – directly on the product.
CCL Label’s Shrink Sleeves guarantee the highest level of attention and maximum flexibility. Exquisite looks are achieved using graphic brilliance combined with tactile effects. CCL offers the Shrink Sleeve in full body prime labels, tamper evident bands and promotional multipacks or on-packs. Innovative combination printing offers metallic surface print options for eye-catching graphics. Let CCL assist your next shrink project with engineering support from template to the application.
Special Effects
Special Effects from CCL give labels eye-catching visuals with the illusion of depth and movement through our fully customizable pressure sensitive labels. CCL’s special effects can be bright, bold, bright iridescent shimmers, glitter, 3D visual motion, customized lens and engraved patterns to grab the attention of the consumer.
Some of Our Features Include:
Holographic EffectsIridescent Effects
Glitter Effects
Tactile Effects
Deep Lens
3D Visual Motion 
The No-Label Looks give your product a premium appearance and provide versatility of use for clear or colored containers. CCL accomplish the No-Label-Look with clear films and varnishes formulated to blend with the surface of the container. No-Label Looks can be used on bottles or jars that are clear, frosted or come in a rainbow assortment of colors. Unlike direct decorating, using a label allows combination printing and decorating techniques that enable enhanced graphic opportunities.
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels offer limitless design possibilities that far exceed those of paper wet glue labels. Create high-impact graphics using combination printing with specialty inks, dual coatings and hot stamping on high-quality materials, custom laminations and specialized adhesives. Paper and synthetic substrates are available, as well as to have coated, uncoated, textured, metallized, clear, or opaque films. Promotional and functional features can be built into a Pressure Sensitive Label making them an effective marketing tool.
CCL Healthcare understands the importance of integrating brand strategies throughout the packaging. Our Innovation Team specializes in the development of custom solutions for products. We can achieve the image you want for your product through transfer, material or print technologies with many patterns, colors, and options available.

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