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Pharmaceutical – Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL Healthcare are versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses.

High-quality materials, thin foil lamination, specialized adhesives and selected printing inks offer a high degree of flexibility and appeal in Pressure Sensitive Labels. The self-adhesive coating bonds to most surfaces, even those with low energy.

Pressure Sensitive Label is a material which has an adhesive glue on the backing. When pressure is applied it will adhere to most surfaces. Pressure Sensitive Labels offer limitless design possibilities that far exceed those of paper wet glue labels. Promotional and functional features can be built into a Pressure Sensitive Label making them an effective marketing tool.

Digitally printed labels feature excellent print quality. Digital printing is the perfect solution for shorter quantity runs, eliminating the cost of plates, reducing lead-time, and minimizing waste for shorter ready-to-print times.

Flexographic Pressure Sensitive Labels are high-quality labels that have been a mainstay in the labeling industry for many years. Flexographic printing is the solution for long runs with lower ink costs and the ability to print at higher speeds.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Label:

  • PREMIUM LOOK: Underlines product quality

  • MODERN LOOK: Outpaces old-fashioned wet-glue

  • NO REGRETS: Solutions for returnable bottles

  • LOW COST: Compared to direct printing

  • RESISTANT: Even in ice water and direct sunlight

  • NO LIMITS: To label design and color combinations

  • NO PROBLEM: Up to 15% higher operating efficiency

Specialty Printing Techniques Offered by CCL:

  • Subtle & High-Gloss Metallics

  • Specialty Varnishes

  • Micromotion

  • Specialty Substrates

  • HD Printing

Maximize your shelf presence with world-class decorating techniques offered by CCL’s Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). With the current competitive retail landscape, it is essential to differentiate your product on the shelf. CCL is the worldwide leader in the Pressure Sensitive Label (PSL) market and understands the unique packaging demands of products.


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