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Printed Literature

Printed Literature from CCL is printed in an array of options to meet regulatory, multilingual, and instructional demands in the healthcare packaging industry.

Choose from a wide range of high-capacity folded package inserts, outserts and padded inserts to fit your needs. IFU / DFU booklets can be glued or stitched in a variety of sizes.
Inserts IFU / DFU 
A multi-folded leaflet formed from a single sheet of paper, for insertion into cartons providing space for detailed legislative and patient information with scope for multiple languages.
Outserts IFU / DFU 
A married outsert (twinsert/piggyback) is created by gluing one or more outserts together to create a bundle. The outserts can be a combination of physician and patient information and allows for multiple copies or additional package information.
Glued Pads
Flat or multi-folded single sheets of paper are combined and glued along one edge to create a pad, which can be inserted into cartons or applied to neck hangers.
Booklets are produced with a variety of stocks, colors and page counts. Booklets are an effective way to distribute large amounts of regulatory information.

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