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Specialty Products

Innovative Specialty Products from CCL Healthcare are engineered to increase package functionality, combine components, and meet specific needs. CCL Healthcare offers customer-driven, innovative labels, and packaging solutions that have been developed to launch new products and address industry road blocks.


Specialty Healthcare Products from CCL


Inverted Hanging Labels (IVHL)

The IVHL combines product labeling with a built-in hanging device for intravenous bottles/bags and enables significant cost savings and ease of use. The IVHL label and hanger is made of a very robust material and has been successfully tested in compliance with ISO 15010:1998E. It can be used on glass and plastic bottles up to 1000 ml.


  • Single-Ply Material

  • With or Without Luminescence

  • Detachable Traceability Features

  • Bar Codes / Pharma Codes

  • Reverse Numbering (Sequential)

  • Random or Consecutive Serialization

  • Wide range of anti-counterfeiting features

  • Available with clear synthetic or glassine backing

  • High-speed automatic labeling

Traceability Labels

Radio Frequency Identification:

CCL Healthcare integrates RFID tags into pressure sensitive labels and tags and is ideal for product authentication, access control, diversion control, payment automation, inventory management, and data collection. Unlike with bar codes, end users can instantly trace and confirm many RFID tagged goods without line of sight. RFID provides real time incident detection, alerts to the brand owners, response management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and measurable data. It can also be used to track and inventory items from cryogenic vials to hospital assets.


Labels printed with unique individual codes used to solve variety of common supply chain issues and tracking.

Valve Labels

CCL’s Flexis® Valve Labels degas or equalize air pressure in flexible packaging.

Flexis® One-Way Valves Labels:

CCL’s one-way valve labels are the perfect solution for flexible packaging. Equalize pressure in flexible packaging for more efficient production and transit, stable pallet stacks, shelf appeal and more. The Flexis one-way valve can be pre-applied to packaging to alleviate degassing bottlenecks, allowing for an up to 30% increase in packaging speeds. The small, flexible, low profile design offers better leak resistance and more reliable adhesion to flexible packaging. Flexis® one way valves are a great tool for the perishable product industry. Flexis® one-way valve technology expels unwanted air, enabling more products to be stacked and packaged from factory to store, shipping more packages in one shipment. They also protect against moisture through the release of excess gasses.

Vacuum Valve Labels:

When used in conjunction with an electric sealer, Flexis vacuum vales helps easily remove unwanted air from a sealed package, then safely store the contents until the bag is released from its compressed seal.

Child Resistant – Senior Friendly (CRSF)

Dose Guard™ Child Safety:

Dose Guard ™ is a childproof label for medicinal products. It complies with the UK and American requirements for childproof wrapping for blister packaging and blister packaging in wrappers. Dose Guard ™ is a self-adhesive laminate barrier which is fitted onto blister packaging or blister wrappers. The self-adhesive laminate has punch holes that are fitted to the blister packaging. Before pushing the pill out through the blister foil, it will be necessary to open one or two barriers. Dose Guard ™ can also be integrated with a booklet label. This creates an extra barrier while at the same time patient information is just at your fingertips.

Tamper Evident

CCL Healthcare can provide a high degree of authenticity, accuracy, and customization to your products. Tampering is the criminal manipulation of a product by an unauthorized party. A sealing solution from CCL Healthcare will immediately show if the packaging has been opened/ This reassures the user the content is original and protected against manipulation or dilution.

With a range of different mechanical solutions, CCL Healthcare can help you reveal any degree of tampering with your product.

  • Tamper Evident Seals

  • Silver Void Seals

  • Tamper Evident Carton

  • Security Die Cut

  • Holographic label with partial release

  • Sleeve with holographic strip

  • Ultra-destruct materials


CCL Healthcare can apply Braille efficiently on almost every kind of label thanks to the use of our digital Braille technology and traditional techniques like silkscreen. Braille can be added direction to a label or can be printed onto a clear carrier for application onto existing labels. Our Braille technique makes the marking on pharmaceutical and healthcare labels flexible and secure on large and small quantities.


  • The transparent Braille dots can be added directly on top of text and graphics without sacrificing the readability and with no requirement for additional space

  • CCL Healthcare can assist you with the translation of regular text to Braille dots and provide special materials for proof-reading

  • Our in-house developed Braille technology sprays Braille dots onto raised leaflet and booklet labels including the flat base label – in one operation

  • Electronic dot count ensuring security of image

  • CCL Healthcare Braille solutions do not normally require changes to existing applications or packaging technology and labels can be applied at the usual speed


  • Braille applied on both paper and synthetic materials

  • Braille printable on Self Adhesive Labels and Extended Content Labels

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