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Supply Chain services are CCL’s global corporate competitive advantage and are geared toward improving every aspect of the business process.

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Supply Chain

About 15 years ago, CCL began helping producers of fast-moving consumer goods by taking a different approach towards supply chain management. CCL’s Supply Chain Planning (SCP) system monitors demand and manages printing to meet customer needs and in some cases, to move to just-in-time ordering. The system automatically recommends what to make, how much to make, and when to make it. The system uploads all the demand forecast and monitors all inventory and demand changes in a very efficient way.
CCL Supply Chain Planning Benefits
Customized Supply Chain Planning
The Supply Chain Planning (SCP) System uses customized software that can work in concert with any Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software such as SAP and others to automatically manage printed materials production. The electronic system can forecast orders through analysis of purchasing patterns and inventory targets. The objective is to improve efficiency while reducing lead time, cost, and risk throughout the extended enterprise supply chain. The web-based system features a measurement matrix of all material orders.
With a complete understand of a customer’s demand forecast, all printed materials, part specification, and inventory targets, CCL can plan the most efficient production. The approach can bring efficiency to both parties’ operations without sacrificing service or quality. CCL increase efficiency by automating certain non-value-added steps, such as materials management and other administrative process.
Just-in-Time Ordering/Reduced Lead Time
The automated Supply Chain Planning system can help compress the supply chain. Using a customer’s forecast data, it can automatically manage material supplies, printing, and production. Carton, labels, and other printed items are delivered with Just in time manufacturing process. Customers can order what they want, how much they want, and when they want. Efficient programs can be devised to manage frequent label changes because of regulatory updates or new market demands.
Reduced Inventory Levels and Obsolescence Risk
Supply Chain Printing can automatically streamline the printing process to support just-in-time ordering and reduced inventory levels, the risk of outdated, obsolescent labels is minimized. CCL can take inventory levels down by 10 times and eliminate customer’s safety stock.
The Supply Chain Planning system allows the supply chain to be more responsive. CCL plotted customer demand through the SCP system allowing CCL to react faster by not having to wait for a customer to provide a purchase order. This collaborative approach consults with customers on a weekly or even daily basis regarding order behavior. The Supply Chain system automatically searches for spikes and CCL is able to capture them and be ahead of the demand.
Cost Reduction
With a full picture of a given customer’s demand schedule and forecast, CCL can also negotiate better contracts with its materials suppliers. Allowing the cost of ownership to become less expensive. By adopting an automated approach to supply chain management, customers can accomplish desired delivery times and fill rates utilizing the lowest possible investment in inventory.
How Pharma and Medical Device Companies Can Get Started
CCL’s Supply Chain Planning System is available for all printed materials. Cartons, labels, literature, and other printed items are delivered when needed, and there is no compromise in product quality or safety.
As Healthcare markets become increasingly complex through cost pressures, expedited delivery requests, and market-specific requirements, competition is no longer just between companies. Competition is between supply chains, and the faster, more responsive one, succeeds.
Supply Chain Service from CCL Healthcare

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