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Pharmaceutical – Digital Printing for Healthcare Packaging

CCL Healthcare uses digital printing to enhance our customer's products in the pharmaceutical, natural health, and over the counter drug markets.

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing from CCL has the power to create superior images, print variable data, make revisions on the fly and streamline the supply chain.

CCL Healthcare is the leader in digital printing for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, with more than 13 digital printing facilities (and growing) worldwide utilizing digital printing under cGMP. Conveniently located all over the globe, CCL works with companies of all sizes to develop digital printing strategies that reduce cost and increase revenue.

Digital Printing Label’s feature excellent print quality and is the perfect solution for shorter quantity and diverse runs. Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital based image directly to a substrate using electro ink. It eliminates the cost of plates, reduces lead time, and minimize waste for shorter reads to print times because it does not use printing plates. CCL’s Digital Printing technology has the power to create superior images, print variable data, and make last minute revisions on labels and folding cartons.

With CCL’s Print-On-Demand program, companies can print the order quantities they need without having to worry about minimum prints. This will reduce or eliminate inventory costs. Companies can also print as frequently as they need to be depending on consumer demand or their packing line schedule. Digital printing provides 100% revision control and allows companies to target their consumer by being able to print special promotion or seasonal labels anytime.

 CCL’s On-Demand Digital Printing Can:

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Faster Completion with fast turnaround:

Digital printing eliminates the many steps associated with conventional printing, resulting in a faster completion. It eliminates the steps of putting plates onto the press and set up for each and every color. Digital printing requires little to no prep work, which makes it the perfect solution for expedited printing and just-in-time print orders.

High-Quality Image Control:

High-Quality Image Control

Digital Printing is the perfect solution for brand owners seeking high levels of correction control. Digital Printing allows for 100% verification on printed materials on the press itself, in regard to both color and graphics.

Have your brand stand out with customization: 

Have your brand stand out with customization

Customization and variable labels will differentiate your product on store shelves and allow every single product to have a unique design. Perfect for companies that need seasonal, language or promotion based design changes to their labels. Designs can be printed on labels by region to determine which version will perform best and should be rolled out nationally. With digital printing, individualized labels are simple and efficient ways to enhance consumer engagement.

Small and/or flexible quantities:

Small and/or flexible quantities

Digital printing is the most economical option for printing small runs, especially because digital printing does not require minimum orders. On-Demand-Printing allows the company to print depending on the stock keeping unit level, packing line schedule, or inventory levels.



Digital Printing has the ability to quickly and efficiently produce unique identifiers. Ideal fit for companies in pharma seeking GS1 track-and-trace for serialization compliance with the United States Drug Quality and Security Act or other government standards.

Security Features: 

Security Features

Digital Printing can allow for the addition of covert or overt security features. CCL Labels can print images in color-shifting ink or with microprint that is impossible to reproduce.

Contact a digital printing specialist for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about digital printing or print-on-demand.

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Digital Printing Service from CCL Healthcare

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