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Promotional Labels

Promotional Labels from CCL Healthcare offer unique added value & sales incentives to product lines. CCL offer premium graphic promotional labels that enhance brand performance.

CCL Healthcare Promotions:

  • Expanded Content Labels

  • Instant Redeem Coupons

  • Consumer Engagement (Interactive Premiums)

  • Games & Sweepstakes

  • Product Sampling

Expanded Content Labels

CCL Healthcare’s is an industry-recognized leader in promotional Expanded Content Labels.

Expanded Content Labels (ECL) are constructed as a multi-ply label or booklet label, which combines a Pressure Sensitive Label and a folded or bound outsert.

Expanded Content Labels Benefits:

  • Increase space for Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC)

  • Mail-In Rebates

  • Regulatory information & Cross-promotional literature

  • Adaptable to virtually any container

  • Offer tamper-evident devices

  • Reseal features for repeated references

  • Custom designed to meet the specific needs of a product

Folded Leaflet

Folded leaflets are constucted from a single sheet of paper and are suited for rebates, cross-promotions, and coupons


Multi-ply labels consist of two or more layers printed on both sides and are perfect for solutions that require a slim profile and repeated use.

Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC) from CCL drive sales by offering couponing features that enhance brand performance and drive consumer sales at shelves. 

Coupon Products:

Folded Leaflet Instant Redeem Coupons are leaflet-style booklet labels that can unfold into a long strip, map-style, or a multi-page book, and are easily removable from base material.

Instant Redeem Coupons

Neckhanger Instant Redeem Coupons are used as a vehicle for a product sample coupled with a coupon. A Neckhanger is the perfect way to get noticed and cross-promote products across your line.

Dry Peel Instant Redeem Coupon Labels are multi-ply labels that adhere directly to products. When the top layer (redeemable portion) is peeled off, no adhesive residue remains.

Tamper Evident Coupons are an inexpensive addition to any container or package. The coupons are secondary labels and are used as a tamper seal or indicate if a coupon has been removed from the package. Highly effective additions for pharmacies or pharmaceutical OTC brands.

The Sealed Instant Redeem Coupon construction consists of a fully encapsulated leaflet, booklet, or even product sample/coupon combination. The durable, clear pouch ensures that the coupon stays with the product until time of purchase and also provides protection against harsh conditions and contaminants.

Consumer Engagement

Enhance your brand by increasing consumer engagement with smart labels. Smart labels can provide instruction for use, videos, customer-loyalty programs, coupons, cross-selling initiatives, and more for instant consumer access. Smartphones can scan RFID, NFC, Invisi-link, and 2D barcodes to incorporate web connectivity into smart labels. When smart labels and packages are scanned, a consumer is directed to the products’s website or mobile health application, where a mass of additional information and marketing intelligence can be gathered and stored. Additionally, the 2D barcodes, invisi-links, and RFID tags can collect marketing intelligence that can be transmitted back to the brand owner in real time. CCL Healthcare offers many options to enhance your product and increase consumer engagement.

Games & Sweepstakes

Games & Sweepstakes from CCL Healthcare drive immediate sales and add fun to your products.

Games & Sweepstakes Promotional Products:

Scratch & Win labels are constructed as the perfect solution for hiding variable data associated with your game, and can be used as a single hand-out piece or inside other vehicles.

Match & Win labels allow consumers to match icons, numbers, etc. to receive instant prizes, store discounts, fuel points, and countless other rewards.

Pull & Win games are the perfect solution for instant win promotions and are fully customizable to fit specific needs.

Trio labels are 3-in-1 labels that include an instant chance to win (scratch-off), online chance to win (unique code), and an instant redeem coupon (IRC).

Red Reveal labels are collectable pieces that consist of colored film that decodes a message online or on the package.

Secure Pouch are fun labels that have a secure construction that must be cut open and can deliver games, coupons, and more.

Collect & Win games encourage repeat purchases and consumer trial. Also, Collect & Win games are a great way to create extended brand awareness.

Product Sampling

CCL Healthcare offers a revolutionary solution for effectively delivering products to the market – the Product Delivery System (PDS). 

This packaging solution allows distribution of actual products or single samples plus informational materials such as printed leaflets or Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC).

Available in a variety of constructions, these pieces are perfect for promoting new products and cross-branding existing products to boost sales.

Product Delivery Systems:

Neckhanger PDS not only can deliver product samples, but it can also be used as an eye-catching promotional tool for extending marketing messages to your customers. Add an Expanded Content Label (ECL) to feature a special offer, cross-promotion, new product launch, or simply drive web or social traffic.

Encapsulated Pressure Sensitive Label PDS fully encases a leaflet and/or product sample in a durable, clear pouch, providing protection against harsh conditions and contaminants. This construction is perfect for in-packs or out-packs with the ability to incorporate a booklet plus a premium.

Folded Card PDS delivers product directly to the consumer with this convenient, stand-alone package. The information booklet and overall design are fully customizable to meet individual needs. This piece is great for reducing packaging components, cross-branding, promotions, and single-use products.

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