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CCL Tube

printed tubes and tube labels

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printed tubes and tube labels

CCL Tube

Tube Packaging & Labels

Who We Are

CCL Tube Inc., a division of CCL Industries, is the leading manufacturer of plastic tube packaging solutions for the Americas. The company’s commitment to quality, service and innovation enables today’s highly competitive cosmetic, personal and health care brands to provide their end-users with durable and appealing packaging. CCL Tube employs 350 dedicated and talented team members at its Moorestown, New Jersery, Los Angeles, California and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities.

About Us

Quality Built into Every Tube Produced
Subscribing to GMP manufacturing standards, CCL Tube Inc. utilizes advanced inline quality control systems along with time-tested, hands-on inspections to ensure defect-free manufacturing and decorating. This quantifiable commitment to quality serves as a foundation for all customer tube projects.
Reliable Service
With the most aggressive lead-time among North American tube manufacturers, CCL Tube meets or exceeds customer delivery deadlines while adhering to customer-defined specifications. The company’s sales, customer service, quality and manufacturing teams follow an integrated project management process, which ensures the highest service levels are met time and again.
Innovative Leadership
Demand for plastic packaging continues to grow as marketers introduce new products and extend existing brands in an attempt to capture greater market share. With a streamlined approach, CCL Tube’s continuous process and ongoing capital investments, coupled with the fastest turn-around times in the industry, help the company increase its competitive advantage while positively influencing the positioning of our customers.
For additional product information please contact us:
(310) 635-4444 or (570) 824-8485
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Custom Tube Printing & Tube Labels

The gallery on this Tube Printing and Labels Market page contains example images of CCL Earthtube (PCR) labels, custom printed plastic tubes, custom labeled tubes and custom printed specialty tubes.


Tubes – Earthtube (PCR)
Earthtube (PCR)

CCL is the leader in eco-friendly tube packaging. Our Earthtube uses up to 70% Post Consumer Resin.

24 May, 2016 in  Tubes
Tubes – Plastic Tubes
Plastic Tubes

CCL offers premium decorated plastic tubes designed to meet your specific packaging needs. CCL is also a pioneer in the development of PCR (Post Consumer Resin) tubes for customers with a strong commitment to the environment.

24 May, 2016 in  Tubes
Tubes – Labeled Tubes
Labeled Tubes

CCL has a full offering of tube labels including full-wraps, spot labels and Expanded Content Labels. Learn about our new innovative Eclipse Tube Label available through CCL Tube.

24 May, 2016 in  Tubes
Tubes – Specialty Tubes
Specialty Tubes

Complementing our standard decorating capabilities, we’ve commercialized a variety of decorating innovations to enhance and add interest to your tube decorating strategies.

24 May, 2016 in  Tubes


CCL Tube’s commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures the highest standards in quality assurance, engineering and manufacturing of our finished products. Our efficient and modern manufacturing and decorating facilities produce flexible tubes in clear, opaque white, and a rainbow of custom colors.
We use only U.S or European Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and a combination of LDPE and HDPE as well as Soft Touch© resins in the manufacturing of our standard tubes.
Tube material, just like tube body, head and orifice configuration, is determined by the product’s viscosity and characteristics as well as end-use application. CCL is available to assist customers in determining the appropriate tube structure best suited for their tube project.

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